Thursday, August 14, 2014

cosmetic.jolse summer haul! sooo happy :3

Hey lovelies ^^

Today i'm going to write about my recent haul with cosmetic.jolse :)

I placed an order on the
 30th July
 they sent the package on the
 1st August(my birthday!)
and it arrived on
12th August.

As always, it took only 10+ days, and this time, since i ordered 5 things for like $50 i got a toooooon of gifts and samples. I was extremely happy with their generosity, it definitely moved me.

 So first, here are the things i ordered: 
(you can click on the names to find them on jolse)
-Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24 hr Auto Eyebrow Pencil in #3 light brown
-Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in #4 Sweet poison

-Missha M perfect cover BB cream in #21 Light beige
-TONYMOLY Luminous Live Aura CC Cream (review *here* )
As you know i already had them, but i love them and repurchased them, since they were on sale, and i got a discount as well, so yeah, it turned out right! :)

-Wonder Pore Freshner 500ml REFILL (as i've been having the full size for a couple YEARS, i am running out of it now)
currently sold out..

And here are all the samples and gifts i got with the purchase:
-a cute hair gum with a bow <3 i just LOOOVE IT. seriously i wanted to order one like this from ebay for a loong time, but i never brought myself to do it. when i saw it, i almost cried of happiness *_* xd (so obsessed with cuteness)
-body scrub gloves. honestly, i've never heard of anything like this before, totally new to me, so i can't wait to try it ! :D i recently read about scrubs polluting the enviroment on sample hime's blog *here* and yeah, i think it's a pretty good alternative for body scrubbing, provided it actually works ;) but if you're more interested, please read Sample Hime's post, it's really useful. :)
-cute socks! there's a bear on it, which is soooo much like my taste. i love bears.:D was happy to recieve such cuteness <3
-blotting paper. obviously cute packaging :D

-3 Etude House masks. omg! can you believe it? 3 of them.:D never got this many.:D 1 green tea type and 2 pomegranate types. can't wait to try them  :D

-a whole set of BB creams from Etude House. 1 Cotton Fit, 1 Perfect Fit, 1 Blooming Fit. all in #21 light beige <3 (thank god! all the BB cream samples i got before were in #23 natural beige, and they were all too dark to me. :( )
-Nymph Aura Volumer sample in #4 Luminous Nymph Aur. great! i have a full size of #3 transparent, and i love it, now i can try another one! ^^
-collagen moistfull cream from Etude, well i have a bunch of it, it seems Etude House gives them away intensely :D

-TONYMOLY whitening capsule essence
-TONYMOLY AC control acne foam cleanser
-TONYMOLY Nutra-energy foam cleanser with Argan Oil

-Lioele dollish Veil vita BB cream in #1 gorgeous purple (actually read the hangul! so proud)
-and a nose strip from LUKE or something. never heard of this brand.:D strips are always good though <3 :3

Okay, so this is it for today, i have so many products to review now, gonna work hard, even though summer is almost over. I had a part time job(summer job), and had a lot of fun with my friends all summer long.. And guess what! I got accepted to university. I have really hard years ahead of me. wish me good luck :3

I'll be back with the Rosy Tint review in a couple of days. (although i know it's quite old, and there are more than enough review of them, but i just fell in love with it, so i have to share my thoughts with you guys too :) )
Until then, byebye <3


Thursday, July 3, 2014

TONYMOLY Luminous Live Aura CC Cream review

Hey lovelies. :)
I loooong awaited to share my thoughts on this CC cream. as i have mentioned it in my *previous post* , it's my holy grail foundation ever since i discovered it, and i cant wait to tell you what wonders it can do to your skin <3

First of all, here's what it promises:
 7 in 1 product!
sun screen+ whitening +wrinkle care + radiance + moisture +base makeup + primer!  What's more, it has a pinkish undertone therefore it corrects uneven skin.And the most important thing is that it's free of harmful ingredients like paraben, benzophenone, talc, mineral oil ect. That's exactly the reason why it does not break me out.

This is a CC (Color Change) Cream which has SPF30 PA++
the quantity is 50ml, which is a good amount of product (specially if you use just a little bit of it every time, like me.) It comes in a hard tube with a pump. i have to tell you that it's really sturdy as i dropped it many times, but nothing happened with it except for the cup of it. unfortunately it broke  :') but it's not important that much, right?

the packaging is really simple, a white tube with a black top, and the writing is really classy! Golden and there are stars, i really like it.  AAAAND as i ordered it during winter, i got this limited edition box with it :D it says "happy holiday" and has a snowman and stars and cute things on it :3

the texture is quite liquidy. it's not as thick as a BB cream as it has less coverage. first, it's white, but as you blend it, it turns into a color of a BB cream. it's looks as if you'd mixed a BB cream with a makeup starter or a base.
as i said, it has less coverage than a BB cream, but still it works pretty well on my skin.  when i do have some break outs, it covers well, sometimes i might put a little bit of a bb cream on my blemishes.
 and also, on some days when i know i have to wear makeup for a very long time, i mix my missha m perfect cover bb cream with this cc cream, and it makes my skin look flawless.

i'd say that it's a long lasting product, however if you really want to wear it all day long or something, i suggest you do as i do, mix it with a little bit of BB cream, it will definitely last longer and cover better.

As for the price, it was TOTALLY worth it. on sale. to tell you the truth i would think hard on buying it full priced. i've never bought any facial products for more than $15....:D and since i know that it might be on sale sometime, i will wait. although, i think i might be kinda running out of it(i've had it since january i guess) so as soon as i see it on sale, i will definitely repurchase it.
me wearing it:

So, all in all:

-bright face
-doesnt break me out (!!)
-nice scent
-good amount of product
-does its job
-free of harmful ingredients


10/10 <3

thank you for reading. :)
-Oleta  <3