Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last post of the year - Verite UV Multi Cushion review

So hey guys, i was soooooooo smart as to delete this post last time im so angry right now but im gonna write it over again. i feel like swearing as much as the gods would just send me lightnings to kill me but im trying to keep calm. :3 -------------
So i havent written anything for a long time, im really sorry for that but i didnt have any time to do it school got all my time... but here i am back with a fu*ing review i accidentally deleted how smart i am how....whatever i've calmed down sorry. :D

what's a cushion foundation?
it's a type of foundation that comes in a case. inside it you can find a soaking sponge filled with the foundation and an air puff that gets the product on it. it's supposed to get aaaaaall the product on it and then putting it on your face entirely, it supposingly has a cooling effect and so on. so basicallly you press the air puff on the sponge and the product gets on it. that's a cushion foundation.:)

how i got my hands on the stuff, and my honest experiences with cushion types of foundations:
front, back, and how i got it out of the case. :)

I won this product on a giveaway which Liah Yoo hosted on youtube. The giveaway's plot was to tell her whether we had tried cushions before or not, and if we had, what's our experiences, or if we hadnt, then why would we want to try it? So i was really eager to try it, but i didnt get so fond of the product later on. it must work really great for a lot of people, but there are some products about which you say "Hm, good, but not for me". i feel the same about it. It''s a really amazing product, but not for me. As for my skin typye, it's actually like the worst product ever. Because it doesnt melt onto my skin, just covers the surface, my pores (which are not so huge, but visible)tend to get clogged, and because my skin couldnt breathe, i got pimples along with the blackheads. So i'm definitely not gonna buy a cushion foundation ever. But as i said, it's just for me, maybe this product would work for you, so let's see some positive thoughts on it : the review itself.


The packaging is classy and elegant. it's a real attraction, i love these classy looks right after the cute packagings. it's a kind of golden color, it has a mirror in it, so you dont have to take another cosmetic mirror along. it's very easy to carry around, you just pop it in you bag and there's a mirror and a foundation if your makeup needs a touch up.
the consistency is more liquidy than i'd expected. i got no2 which is natural beige, definitely not my color since i'm as pale as snow, but i still gave it a try to see what it's like on my skin. So it gives a really dewy and moisturized finish as well as high coverage! it's also very buildable, so you can put on one layer of it and it covers your blemishes and flaws, but you can always apply a second layer of it and get a perfect complection. so if you're looking for a foundation that gives you a healthy looking, glowing skin as well as coverage, it's for you! As for the lasting power, i think it should last the entire day although it would grease up easily if you have oily skin since it's a product rich in moisture.

Also the product came with a refill. so basically you get 50g of product devided into 2x25g. you can get the 'refill"something out of the product very easily.
The scent of the foundation is very healthy. it's like some kind of herbs mixed with exotic flowers or i dont know. :D but really good, makes you feel like you're putting on some natural ingreedents that would turn your skin into a statue of perfection. hahahah
as you see it's safely secured, it's really hygenic
The box it's in is a bronze/gold colored box, very shiny and now it rests on one of my shelves decorating it  with a classic vibe. (didnt take a picture of that)Just couldnt get myself throw it out, not like i've thrown any boxes of makeup products ever. i have a whole shelf of boxes of korean products. i'm a hoarder i guess. :3  tell me if you'd like to see what boxes i have on that shelf. :P

so that's it for this post. Hope you all had a very merry christmas, and you're about to have a wonderful new year! :) i'll be coming back in 2014 with a lot of new tutiorials, reviews, and maybe even videos (as soon as i find a good video maker) ! :)
So dont let my negative experience to influence you're contemplating whether to buy or not a cushion foundation, and dont think that i'm such an ungrateful bastard, im really thankful to Liah for sending me this product and giving me the opportunity to try it. :)  *Here*'s her youtube channel, check her out because she has really interesting videos from tutorials and reviews to tours in Korea and stuff like that. :)
byebye <3


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

cosmetic.jolse mini haul and Glamour days shopping

hey lovelieees <3 im so sorry for my absence, but i had so many things to do and i went out with my friends every weekend and didnt have time to post things, but i have a lot of things to talk about so i hope you guys can catch up with me! :))
so today im gonna write about a mini haul ive had. i ordered 2 things from cosmetic.jolse:

-Missha M perfect Cover BB cream (no21)
-Etude House Happy Cleanser(vitamin c)

i ordered the bb cream because none of my etude house bb creams (the bright fit no21 light beige and the sun bb no21 light beige) were LIGHT ENOUGH for me. i looked yellowier and darker. my skin is very fair and a little bit pinkish undertoned so this missha BB cream is perfectly fitted to me and ive been wearing it for a week, and i already love it! review coming! ^^

and the cleanser, i ordered because before i didnt have a morning skincare routine, but i tried it once and i liked it soo i was like why not starting a tradition of morning skincare routineeee? :DD so this suppusedly "brightening" product seemed like a good idea to get for the morning. because i dont need a strong cleanser, since i dont wear makeup in the morning after the night, and plus it has an effect so its great! :DDD although i havent had the morning routine every day because im just a lazy hag. :3

anyways, here are the pictures of my haul:

and the samples(a ton of them! *_*) :

TonyMoly Whitening cream
Holika Holika Miracle Skin Finish
TonyMoly Aura CC Cream

TonyMoly Tomatox magic massage pack
Lioele Fresh SunScreen
Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel
The Faceshop Volcanic Clay nose strip

And we had glamour days this weekend ( oct. 11-13) and we went to the capital with my 2 besties to do some shopping, few things we got though cause the shopping center is so huge all we did was looking for the shops we wanted to visite haha.:D anyways here are the things i got:
a cardigan from Pull&Bear

and 2 key chain thingies from C&A

arent they just freakin cute?!
and hairbands from C&A but i didnt take pictures of them haha xd

and for the first time in my life, i ate in KFC! it was awesomeeeeee :D
and before we left i bought a strawberry frappuccino in starbucks yaay :D(which you should know how happy i was about, since i mentioned in my Liebster Blog Award post that the closest Starbucks is 2 hours from here. :( xd)

so thats it for today! :)
byebye <3

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September favorites, events and KAKAOTALK

Hey lovelies! <3 :) i know september hasnt ended yet, but there are just quite some things i'd want to share with you all, so i thought i would do this post already! :))

it's my first time doing a "favorites" post, and i have to tell you this is really exciting! haha :DD

so after a long break, im back and gonna post a looooot ^^

lets get started. ^^

1.My favorite beauty product of this month has to be my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (in RD301 Cherry Red) :D it's been like a month or so that i've started using it, and it's became my favorite tint ever.:D i use it every day as a faint color on my cheeks. it gives me cute pinkish -rosy colored cheeks, totally dolly like. :DD
review coming! ^^
2. ASTOR fasihon studio nail polishes! i bought a pastel yellow and a pastel purple one. they look really pretty together. :)

3.With a haul i've had before i started blogging, i've recieved a Missha Choboyang BB cream sample and i tried it recently. it's a really really nice BB cream. Creamy, light, and it gives a slight dewy finish, and covers blemishes very well ! :D

4.Favorite skincare product must be my Nivea Aqua Effect Night Cream (for sensitive/dry skin i dont remember for sure.xd ). it's the only moisturizer cream that has never broken me out. Ever since i'm using it my skin's condition has improved soooo much. it's healtier, glowier, and i just know that my skin likes it! :D

5.Favorite movie/book of the month is got to be The Mortal Instruments series. :D i've watched the first movie (City of Bones) in the cinema in the begining of this month, and i totally loved it.:D the storyline is just soo catchy! :D and there are twists and ahw just awesome! :D i started reading the book too, and it's a little bit different, but yeah if you're like me, who reads a lot of books, you know most of the movies are different from the book that they are based on. :(

6.Favorite songs time! :D i've discovered so many awesome songs nowadays, gonna list them up here, i've got nothing to say about them, just listen to them! <3 (you click on them and watch them on youtube)


and here are some hits back from summer:
(the last 2 are from the series Gu Family Book <3 )

Events nowadays:
-Sooo the thing i was most excited about is that i entered Liah Yoo's cushion foundation giveaway, and won on it :) i recieved the Verite UV Multi Cushion yesterday, and it's sooo awesome :) gonna write about it in a single post. :)  --> *REVIEW HERE*

-Another thing i am excited about is that i fell in love with a phone: LG Optimus L7 II (P710).maybe i can get it in October. :)

-Yet another thing in October is that the movie 'About Time' is gonna come out.  *trailer here*

-NOMEBER 22! it's the premier of The Hunger Games - Catching fire! As you all know im the world's BIGGEST hunger games fan (haha probably not ture, but cmon i loooove it man.:D). i've read the book(s) so many times and i can't wait for the second movie to come out. just pure awesomeness.:D trailer heeereeee

-in December, my school's gonna have the seniors' prom. :) the seniors are gonna have an opening dance which is gonna be (as for my group- there are 3) english waltz  ! :D it's reaaally exciting!

and then my life is gonna be a nightmare cause im gonna have to take the school leaving exams and blah blah blah deciding about my future. sooo bad. 
okay so i hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you'd like to see more Favorites / Hits and misses / getting to know me more.. realted posts! :DD

as a finishing suprise (to make up for the fact that i still havent found a good video editor to post the suprise video with Kimiko chan..xd) im gonna tell you guys my Kakaotalk ID! (if you know know what kakaotalk is, it's a korean - but the language is english dont worry - android app in which you can send messages for free. you can talk to your friends whose number you have in your phone, and you can search IDs which means that you can talk to people whose number you dont have ! ^^
so my ID is: OletaN
feel free to add me if you'd like to get to know me. i'd like to be friends with my readers and blogger friends and i think Katalk is a really nice way to keep in touch! :D
sorry for the long post, see you later!
 byebye  <3

-Oleta (maybe i should make a nice watermark-signature-thingy haha ) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Liebster Blog Award :)

Hello lovelies <3  !
first of all, i'd like to apologise for not writing anything for like a month or so, but school has started and since its my last year i've got plenty of things to do, so later on im gonna have a post of what's happened for this month cause there are a looooot to talk about, i guess ^^
But today's post is about the Liebster Blog Award! :) i'm sooo thankful to Majorie Zoleta from Lace and Leather for nominating me! :)) it's my first time getting a nomination like this, and just the first kind of "connection" i have with other bloggers, so im really excited and happy! :) If you'd like to have a collaboration( inspired makeup tutorial ect.) you can feel free to tell me about it, im up for anything! ^^

So, for those of you who doesnt know what this Liebster Blog Award is, i checked on various blogs, and so the rules are basically these:

1.the nomination is the award itself
2.once you're nominated , link back to the person who nominated you
3.answer the 10 questions provided by the one who nominated you
4.nominate 10 bloggers yourself( i've read bloggers with less than 3000 followers, but other people wrote less than 200 followers, so i no longer know how it works! :D let's say bloggers who have less than 200-400followers.. :"D)
5.provide them 10 questions to answer, and go to their blog and tell them they've been nominated by you! ^^

(exclaimer: i'm sorry i didnt keep the rules!I haven't been looking around blogs so much, so there are only a few that i follow, and among them, even fewer have less than 200followers, so i nominated only 5+1(Majorie <3) bloggers! 
hope you're gonna nominate 10 bloggers, not like me. :) im sorry. :( :)  )

But here are my answers for Majorie's questions:

1.What is something that maybe not everyone knows about you?
Hmm hard question because im a type of person who opens up easily and i tell people about my things all the time... :"D i guess the thing that not everyone knows about me is actually that i'm quite sensitive. I always show on the outside how happy and cheerful i am, i joke around a lot, but there are a lot of things i get offended by and i wouldnt say i am hurt to anyone but my best friend Kimiko chan.. :)

2.What is your favorite makeup product? Why?
I'd have to say BB cream, because i can't go anywhere without having BB cream on my face.. :D haha but i wouldnt count it as my favorite, rather my most-needed makeup product.:Dbut the other makeup products i have are just the same dear to me so i guess i'd still say BB cream. :) and at the moment, it's the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB, because it's pretty light and it gives a medium to high coverage and it's just so pretty.. :DD haha :DD (but i love my dear my blooming lips talk lipsticks and cupcake all over colors and dear darling tints fresh cherry tints and blah blah blah i guess im etude house-aholic. XD)

3.What was the weirdest dream you have ever had?
hahahaha i always have weird dreams! :D but once i dreamed about something like i went to Korea and i met SNSD and some other bands like Suju or Shinee, they had a signing or something and we could take pictures with them but i didnt have a camera so i couldnt. toooooo baaaaaaad! :DD

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?
i have a lot now. :"D i might have a post of "september favorites" and mention them all in there, but as for now, i'd say it's Sunmi - 24 hours :D

5.When was the last time you cried?
i'm glad you didnt ask "and why" :). anyways, it was yesterday. :(

6.Which do you prefer; skirts, pants or shorts?
i'd say skirts, but if we consider what i wear the most, then i'd have to say pants. :DD

7.If you could be somebody else for a day, who would you like to be?
i could say a thousand celebrities i would want to be, but i don't want to be anyone else. :D rather than a specific person, i guess i'd might like to know what it feels like to be a boy :D haha or a korean ulzzang model :D like Park Sora or Song Ah Ri :D but it's nothing major, i'd still want to stay myself :)

8.What do you usually order from Starbucks?
If only i could ! :D haha there arent any Starbucks in my city, nor in my neighborhood. the closest Starbucks is in the capital  (3 hours from my city) and i've been there only once. i dunno what i ordered, it was a hot chocolate i know but not sure what kind. :D

9.If you could watch only one TV show for the rest of your life, what TV show would you choose?
i guess it must be my all-time-favorite-already-seen-like-thousand-times series called Playful Kiss.:D okay it's kinda getting boring now, but i'd still choose it. :D

10.You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
Seoul! <3 definitely Seoul.:D i wouldnt miss this chance :)


So thank you again for nominating me, and here are my nominees ^^ :
 1.Majorie Zoleta from Lace and Leather (haha if i can nominate the person who nominated me :3 )
 2.Liah Yoo 
 3.Sample Hime
 6.Devi Apriani

and here are myquestions:

1.What inspired you to start your blog/site?
2.What's your all time favorite beauty product that you would repurchase for the rest of your life?
3.How would you describe your style?
4.Do you have a secret obsession ? :PP
5.What's the event in your life (so far) that you will never forget ?
6.What is the thing you first do in the morning ?
7.What made you smile today?
8.Do you like your name? if not, what name would you choose/just any name that you like?
9.Who would you like to be stuck on a deserted island with? And what makeup would you take?
10.Favorite quote(s) ? you can list up more than one:)

thank you for reading, get ready, a lot of posts are coming soon! :)
byebye <3


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Outfit for colder, rainy summer days

I've got dimples hahahaa 
Hey lovelies. ^^
As you remember, i posted an August haul last time, so i thought i would like to show how i wear them with my cute Le Bunny Bleu loafers. :) if you're curious about Le Bunny Bleu, click *here* i have a post starring them already. ^^

So the reason for this post is actually another thing too! If you know about LookBook, then you know they have a lot of contests as well. There's a contest on which you can win a trip to New York Fashion Week. :) so i just posted a look, click *here* to see it, and please feel free to hype it, and follow me. :)

(PS. thank you everyone for following me. nowadays i got a lot of new followers on LookBook just as well as on this blog <3 )

 Still, i will show you seperately the things im wearing, so get ready, here comes a bunch of pictureees ^^

the cute Peter Pan Collar Blouse

that's when im awkwardly trying to pose hihi :D

The awesomeeeee and cute Le Bunny Bleu Pink Camellia Loafers <3

here's the link to the product, if you're interested in them. They come in 3 different colors that you can chose from. Click *here* ^^

 and that's the final "ready to go" picture with the bag <3

So i guess that's it for today's post.:D
I posted my outfit on instagram as well, you can see it *here* if you're interested.:) 
thank you for reading,
byebye <3


Saturday, August 24, 2013

August haul

Hey lovelies. ^^
 Since my birthday was recently, i got a little money that i already spent on some stuff i needed and i'd like to show them to you all :)
First of all, im already preparing for school, and the fall, so i bought 2 pairs of jeggings. one is from C&A and the other is from H&M.
the h&m one is a denim jegging, and it's from the kids section(hahahha nowadays i buy all my stuff from there so weird.. :'D ), the other is a regular jegging which is REALLY stretching, it's soooo comfortable. :D and it's dark blue, i really liked the color. :)

I bought a bag in h&m as well, because i was looking for a big big bag that i can carry the few books i usually take to school, and i really wanted to have a "fold over" type of bag, so i was really happy to get my hands on this one. *_*

Then, i ordered some stuff from ebay (with the help of Kimiko-chan. She's the one ordering for me all the time, i cannot say how thankful i am to her <3 ).

I got a tint, because i ran out of my Etude House Dear darling tint. This time i got the Fresh Cherry tint(review coming!) in red cherry.
I got a cute pink blouse with Peter Pan collar, and a basic black blazer. They were extremely cheap, and the quality is pretty good, i think. they smell really bad though, but a few times of washing will fade the scent away.. :"DD (hopefully.. XDD)
So i guess that's it for the haul, overall im really happy for the things i got because i really did need them. :)

 *Blouse on ebay*
 *Blazer on ebay*

Ps. The title of this post was originally "August Haul and a surprise CUTIE video", because i wanted to post the video that i promised already, but appearantly i can't, because i just can't import the videos to WMM... i transfered them into mp4, and wmv and all kinds of file ihavenoideawhats, and yet it says error.. it's actually the only video maker-something i have, and i have no idea what programme i should download now. so if you have any recommendations on video editor-maker programme that even a dummie like me can use, please do tell me so i can edit that "surprise Cutie" video for you all :3 (i dont want to put any effects on the video, just wanted to cut them and put the pieces together, like *here*...)

 (  i hope i can come back with a tint review and an outfit post as well real soon. :3 but the weather is unlikely to let me do so.. it's raining and the sky is overcast... :( but i will try my best^^  )



Saturday, August 17, 2013

REVIEW - Etude House Tear drop eyeliner (no.1 )

Hey lovelies ^^
Today i came back with a review i promised like half a year ago, (what a shame ha? xd but at that time i didnt know if i really wanted to start blogging.. :( ) and mentioned in my previous post *here* .
it's the Etude House - Tear Drop Liner. I came back with it now, since i reviewed the Bling Bling Eye Stick a few days ago, which is similar to the tear drop eyeliner when it comes to their purpose.

it's a liquid form of a highlighter for your eyes. :) it's glittery and shiny and awesome. hahahaha xd well i guess i say it all the time cause i dont buy things that i dont find awesome.. XD

as i said, i would talk about a comparison between the bling bling eye stick and this Tear Drop Liner.
so here's the first difference: NOTICEABILITY.(if there's a word like that XDhahah)
i guess you can see it on my eyes even from this afar :)
sorry for the horrible pictures XD but you can click on them and see
them closer, so you can check my eyes with the eyeliner.. :)
the liquid tear drop eyeliner is more noticeable than the stick. it's shining more and it's even like.. radiating? you know you can see the shining from afar whereas the stick is only makes your eyes look a little brighter, and you can see it only close. but that's just my opinion.:D
so if you want to have a really deep impact on your eyes, go for the Tear Drop Eyeliner. :D all attention would fall for your eyes. ^^
a close-up of the cute bottle :)

Anyways, there are different types of this product, and like the title says i've got no.1-White tear. it comes in a really cute bottle thingy and it's weight is 8g, a lot of product! :D so here's another difference.:D i guess this will last longer than my stick.
and it stays on longer, doesnt smudge of course cause its liquid.:D

i bought it from ebay for around  $6 and free shipping so it was obviously really cheap according to other sellers. (and im sorry i dont know what seller i bought it from, its been too long ago. :/ )

okay so i really love this product, but everything has downfalls.. the first thing i noticed after a couple use is that 1.:it HURTS BADLY seriously badly, if you get it in your eyes. trust me, it stings like hell.. :"D and 2.:a kind of waste gets stuck and dried on the place where you twist the top of the bottle (see on picture) ... that's kind of sad, but like i said there is a really nice amounut of product in there. :)

the waste, and a close-up of the applicator

Swatches on my hand:
the same swatch, just different lighting :)

-lot of product
-doesnt smudge

-waste of product(dries)

overall rating: 4/5 (  because of the pain i got, and because i dont always want to use a highlight that's sooooo noticeable.:D thats just my style ^^ :)  still loving the product ♥)

thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the review, tell me if you have any questions or suggestions or anything ^^

byebye <3


PS. I've just finished watching the korean drama 'I hear your voice'. I first didnt want to start watching it for some reason, but in the end i started it, and then i couldnt stop watching it! watched it like until 4am every day.. :"DDD and now it's over im so sad.. :( one of the best dramas i've seen.. :') now im gonna strat watching my all-time-favorite-drama-ever again (im not joking im gonna watch it for the 10th time.. :"DDD thats just how much i love it.. xd ), and that is no other than PLAYFUL KISS <3 tell me if you like these 2 dramas as well, and i would love to hear about your favorite dramas as well ^^ :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Etude House - Bling Bling eye stick review (no7 orange fox star)

hey lovelies! :)))
YAAAAAY WE PASSED THE 1000th PAGE VIEWS!! greaaat :DDD im so happy ^^  i promise we will make a  funny video with Kimiko chan, but she's busy these days, so we can't meet.. but i hope we can, soon. <3 :DDD
Sooo today, i'll be reviewing the Etude House Bling Bling eye stick i got with my recent purchase at w2beauty :) *haul post here* -> dont forget to register and use my code(2140405 ) or my email( for a $5 off coupon. ^^

So first i have to tell you all, that i absolutely love this stick. it's so awesooooooooOoOoOoOOoOome .. :"DDDD

it's no7 orange fox star, so as you can tell by the name it's an orangie color, but to be honest, you can see the orange only in a really bright light. otherwise you can only see that it's nicely glimmery and cuuuuute :DDD
(so i guess here i have to tell you, if you want an eye stick that's more pigmented, i reccomend you buy one from their new line, the Bling in the see collection, cause that seems to be more pigmented... :DD )
But this is perfectly fine with me, cause i really like how it only shines and makes my eyes look cuter, not orangie-er.. :"DDD
it's very creamy, and blends nicely, you can spread it easily.:D it can make any simple makeup look very bright, girly and special! :DDDD i think if you like korean cosmetics, you definitely should buy a tear eyeliner whether it's a liquid eyeliner, or an eyeliner stick.. :) it's like a basic peace.:D
i have the Tear drop eyeliner from Etude House (like i said a loooong time ago xd), so i will come back with a review for that too, and then i will compare them, and tell you which one i prefer, if you'd like to hear it :)
Oh and one more thing.:D it stays on my eyes throughout the day!  :))

the only downside, is that i think its a little amount of product. it's actually 1,4g, and you can see the whole thing pulled out here. not much, but i dont know, maybe it will last for a long time.:DDD all i know is that i've been using this every day since i got it (cause that's how much i love it :"D ).. well, i hope it will last for a long time though ^^


Overall rating: 5/5 !! ^^ <3


Friday, August 2, 2013

birthday post! part 2 :DD

Hey lovelies <3
So here's the part 2 of my birthday post. :DD (as the PART 1, i dated it back as well, im sorry about that! i guess i'm cheating a little, arent i? xd )
i'm gonna show you some more cuteness ^^
I got my favorite parfume cause i ran out of it nowadays. it smells like cotton candy, the best scent ever! :D some people say it smells like chocolate, hot chocolate, vanille and actually most of the people say different things about it.:D but i always get compliments how good i smell hahhahahhaa :DD so i definitely love itttttttt :)) AND the bottle is cute too..:DDD and it was cheap! :D haha i know it's a present and im not supposed to know it, but i was the one who bought the first bottle last summer, so i do know it.. :( :DDD
i got this blouse from Kimiko chan as well ^^
me wearing the blouse, but i will have a whole post of how to style this cute blouse ^^

a pink blouse, perfect for summer! :DD styling post on this is coming too! ^^

makeup remover tissues. a HUGEEE amout of them yaay ^^ xd

2 super duper cute Hello Kitty towels kekekekekeke :DD

oh and there's one more picture, that's just a joke from my granny.:D since i am an adult now, she bought me alcohol.:D but it's just a little bottle (50ml), and she said if i decide to drink at a party or something like that, this should be the line that i dont go over, kekekekee :D

PS. i HATE putting these pictures in. i dont know if it's just me, or anyone else too, but they just WONT GO WHERE I WANT THEM TO! argh i freak out all the time i try to put them in order.. :"DD has that happened to you too, before? :) :D

okay, so that's it for my birthday, please keep checking Marshmallow Bunnies, and if you have any request (makeup tutorial, review on a product, opinion about anything, skincare, anything...) feel free to comment down bellow! :))) byebye <3


PS2.: i just noticed something. soon we're gonna reach 1000(THOUSAND!!) in page views!  :DD let's go for it, and then i will think of a way to celebrate it!! *_* how about a video? :) i'm thinking of creating a youtube channel that's connected to this blog, but im a little scared, hahahaha :P :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday post! part 1

A hello kitty table... cuteness overload :DD
Hey lovelieeees :)
actually, today is the 5th August, but i dated this post back to the actual day of my birthday, the 1st August. :P i didnt have time to post until now and to be honest ive been really lazy as well! :O but i now edited, watermarked and did everything that's necessary with the pictures, so im ready to post! yaaay :DD
So on the 1st August i officially became an adult (in my country the age limit is 18, not 21.. :D ) ! :DD yaay :D doesnt feel any difference yet, though.. :( XD
So since i got quite cute gifts, i thought i would share some with you guys. and this post is the PART 1, because i didnt wanna post everything in just one post. :) so i'll come back with the part 2 tomorrow, or later today! :DD and after that i have 2 fashion posts coming up and a whole bunch of things, seriously... i have a list of almost a hundred things i wanna write about..:DD i hope i can get this thing working, but editing the pictures and stuff like that takes so long i have to get used to it. I really appreciate other bloggers who post like every day or so.. :))
Okay, enough talking, here are the presents of PART 1 :)) (note: they are not all of my presents, and some i even got earlier than my birthday-day...:)  )
it's just a part of the set. conditioner, shampoo and a spray something. xd
they are supposed to help hair that's too thin and what's ends are ...dead? xdxdd you know what i mean..xd

a body milk from Nivea! :DD they are always perfect gifts haha :)

Nivea Daily moisturizer cream with UV protection :)

A mask sheet i got from Kimiko chan <3
watch out for a review. ^^

A set of cupcake papers..... close up coming next !! :DDD

how cute they aaaaare ?! :)
Okay, soooo that's it for today, expect some more cuteness :)))
thanks for reading <3


UPDATE: listen to this BIRTHDAY song by Selena Gomez haha, its perfect for getting a party-feeling.:D