Wednesday, October 16, 2013

cosmetic.jolse mini haul and Glamour days shopping

hey lovelieees <3 im so sorry for my absence, but i had so many things to do and i went out with my friends every weekend and didnt have time to post things, but i have a lot of things to talk about so i hope you guys can catch up with me! :))
so today im gonna write about a mini haul ive had. i ordered 2 things from cosmetic.jolse:

-Missha M perfect Cover BB cream (no21)
-Etude House Happy Cleanser(vitamin c)

i ordered the bb cream because none of my etude house bb creams (the bright fit no21 light beige and the sun bb no21 light beige) were LIGHT ENOUGH for me. i looked yellowier and darker. my skin is very fair and a little bit pinkish undertoned so this missha BB cream is perfectly fitted to me and ive been wearing it for a week, and i already love it! review coming! ^^

and the cleanser, i ordered because before i didnt have a morning skincare routine, but i tried it once and i liked it soo i was like why not starting a tradition of morning skincare routineeee? :DD so this suppusedly "brightening" product seemed like a good idea to get for the morning. because i dont need a strong cleanser, since i dont wear makeup in the morning after the night, and plus it has an effect so its great! :DDD although i havent had the morning routine every day because im just a lazy hag. :3

anyways, here are the pictures of my haul:

and the samples(a ton of them! *_*) :

TonyMoly Whitening cream
Holika Holika Miracle Skin Finish
TonyMoly Aura CC Cream

TonyMoly Tomatox magic massage pack
Lioele Fresh SunScreen
Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel
The Faceshop Volcanic Clay nose strip

And we had glamour days this weekend ( oct. 11-13) and we went to the capital with my 2 besties to do some shopping, few things we got though cause the shopping center is so huge all we did was looking for the shops we wanted to visite haha.:D anyways here are the things i got:
a cardigan from Pull&Bear

and 2 key chain thingies from C&A

arent they just freakin cute?!
and hairbands from C&A but i didnt take pictures of them haha xd

and for the first time in my life, i ate in KFC! it was awesomeeeeee :D
and before we left i bought a strawberry frappuccino in starbucks yaay :D(which you should know how happy i was about, since i mentioned in my Liebster Blog Award post that the closest Starbucks is 2 hours from here. :( xd)

so thats it for today! :)
byebye <3