Monday, July 29, 2013

Wedding makeup tutorial and fashion

Hey lovelies! :)
i originally wanted to post this makeup tutorial like a week ago, but i just couldnt because i was always in a hurry, then there was something wrong with my phone and im not having it with me now, i totally freaked out... that's a weird thing but i really can't live without my phone.... my whole life WAS in there.. :(

okay, so let's get to the tutorial...:) i thought some light eyeshadows, a little sparkle and a peachie-pinkish lipcolor would match my dress, so i tried this kind of makeup for the wedding.:)

For my face, i used the Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit. it has SPF30, and i thought it would be enough, since they didnt have an outdoor wedding. :)
AVON eyeshadow base
Then i filled in my eyebrows, of which i didnt take a picture but you can see what it looks like on the pictures haha ...xd 

I put a little bit of eyeshadow base on my lids so that it would last longer.

i used a light golden-ish toned color all over my eyelid. it makes it shimmery and light.

then i put a dark brownish shimery color at the end of my eyes to create something like a... hm i dont know a wing? nope thats for the eyeliners haha just see on the picture i can't talk about makeup..:""DDDD but i guess the place i put the darker color is called the crease, hahahaha :"D

essence long lasting brown eyeliner pencil
Etude House Bling Bling eye stick(no7)
sooo after that i lined my eyes with a brown eyeliner pencil. i just followed the natural line of my eyes with a thin liner brush. i didnt want to have a really thick and huge line.... i wanted to keep it toned down, natural. :)
so after that i lined my waterline with the Etude House Bling Bling eye stick, and i mention this in the title because it was the first time i used iiiiit *_* i will come back with a review of it, i have an opinion of it...but dont worry, it's all positive. ^^

Etude House cupcake all over color(RD301)

then i used my mascara, and a little bit of blusher on the apples of my cheeks.

Etude House Dear my blooming lips talk -color pop (OR214)
As for the lips, i used my brand new color pop lipstick. ^^ and that finishes the makeup! *_* yaay :D as you can (and could, on my previous makeup tutorial *here* ) see, i dont use a powder. i know powder is really important, it sets the makeup, finishes it up and makes it last even longer and stuff like that but there was a time i used to use a looot of powder and only powder on my face (i was a kid haha didnt know a thing about makeup...) and i just feel like i really dont want to put on powder on my face anymore......  >< like ever.. :"DD im really sick of it:"D whatever.. :"D

and this is  my lovely dress. :D
sorry, i couldnt get the lighting righ again...
so i took the picture at the window haha
my granny bought it for my birthday( watch out for a birthday post coming up! *_* ) but she kindly gave it to me beforehand so that i could wear it on the wedding. ^^ <3 and if you wanna see what shoes i wore the dress with, you can see it on my instagram *here* :)
so i hope you enjoyed the makeup tutorial.:) we had a festival in my city from 24th-27th July, and Kimiko-chan was sleeping over at my place and we recorded a funny video i'll be posting as soon as i get to edit it. it's gonna be the first video with Kimiko chan, but i have another one with Annie, you can check it out *here* if you havent seen it :)
So i dont really have anything to do nowadays, i'll try to post more, i have a paper filled with the things i wanna post so get reaaaadyyy! :D:D:DD

byebye <3
PS. we got so many followers and there are a lot of visitors nowadays, i'd like to thank everyone who followed us and visited our blog, we will work hard <3 Thanks for reading :)))


Thursday, July 18, 2013

w2beauty - Etude House haul

Heey lovelies ^^ I got my first w2beauty package yesterday *_*

w2beauty is a really awesome online store with decent prices and FREE SHIPPING! :D it's a new online shop, so go check them out *here* ! :)) The owner of the shop is called Alice, and she's super nice and she replies every message ASAP! :)) And you get like a bunch of samples with every order too. :) so today i'm gonna tell you about my experience about shopping with w2beauty, and show you guys what i got. ^^

So let's start with the things i bought. :) i'll provide the link to the products, so you can directly check them out! :D just click on the names. ^^

1.Etude House - AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion
2.Etude House - Bling Bling Eye Stick (no.7) UPDATE: review *here*
3.Etude House dear my blooming lips talk -color pop (OR214)
4.Etude House hairband

aaaaand the freebies: <3
1. TONYMOLY aqua aura mask sheet (YAAAY A MASK!! :DDDD)
2. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream - Cotton Fit
3.Etude House Know your body soft cream scrub
4.Etude House I'm blooming brightening wash off gel
5. 2samples of the strawberry milk talk body wash ^^
6. 2samples of the moistfull collagen cream
7. 2 samples of Magic Bubble (no.2 water peeling pack)

can't wait to try them all out! :D especially the BB cream sample because i'm thinking of buying this Cotton Fit BB cream. i'm running out of the Bright Fit one. Though i'd go for the Light Beige, this one is Natural Beige, but it's okay to try it out.. :))
a random picture of me wearing the brand new cute hairband hahahaha :DD
-though we all know its for showering hihi-

Okay, so later on, i'm gonna review all these products and samples, and like i said i will come back with a makeup tutorial too! :DD

I ordered them on the 4th July, the package was shipped already the next day, on the 5th July, and it arrived on the 17th July.:D
and i used a coupon code that i got for being sponsored by someone. it's a coupon code even YOU can get, if you click on *this link* or use my code ( 2140405 ) or my email ( at the registration! :DD
it's a coupon code that provides $5 off your order (with the minimum order of $30), and free shipping ! :D awesome. :) so just go, register and you immediately get this coupon. ^^

if you're interested in what Alice is like, click *here* and check one of the blogger's interview with her! I was impressed by her personality and beauty :))

OH! and i almost forgot the cutest part of the package. I got a hand written letter from Alice! How nice is that?! :)))

so, that's it for today. :) check out w2beauty facebook page too, she holds giveaways. :)) byebye <3


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review - Etude House Cupcake all over color (RD301, OR201)

f(x) Sulli ^^
Firs post of July! yaaaay (and OMG OMG! WE HAVE A FOLLOWER VIA BLOGLOVIN!! we are so happyyyyyy  *_*)
So hey girlies, today i will introduce you 2 multiple-use Etude House products! ^^ (not like you've never heard of them hahahaha im  not the first one to review the product.:( xd )
sooooooo, they are the Cupcake all over colors from the Sweet Recipe line! :)

They are absolutely adorable, as we know all Etude House products are really cute... :) so, let's get started.

  So what are the cupcake all over colors?
These cupcake colors can be used on your lips, cheeks and eyelids. i'm not really fond of red or orange colors on my lids though, so they are just my blushers/lipstains.:)

Texture, Scent, Lasting power
They have creamy texture, cute packaging and peachy scent. ab-so-lu-te-ly-a-do-rab-le! <3 they  come with 10g which is a really nice amout of product, i think no one will run out of it easily, since you dont even need much of it just a little bit on your fingertip and the color stays there very nicely too! :D

 Where I bought them
I bought them from ebay for the price of $7.99 from this seller: f2plus1
Im not gonna talk about the shipping time and price and stuff like that, all i can say is that according to me, the price was worth the product. :)

now let's get to the review with swatches. :D

Raspberry Mousse Cake: 
it's very pigmented, though i guess this is a little different from the orange one because it seems to be more translucent whereas the orange is a lot more creamy. but i dont know... :D it still works great.:D
it's long lasting on lips and cheeks too, but i guess it stays on my cheeks for longer than my lips...:D
On my lips, it works great if i apply lipbalm before it. otherwise it dries my lips and it looks very disgusting then..:D
but with the lipbalm it has a really good effect. What i use is Avon Care - Protecting lipbalm with grapeseed and vitamin e. (it has SPF15 and is translucent so it doesnt change the color of the cupcake colors.)

Orange Choux Cake: its also very pigmented, you can see the color very well on your cheeks and lips too.
 It smells to me the same as the raspberry one, though i can feel a little difference but can't tell what it is. it's very nice, that's what it matters anyways...:D when i apply it on my lips, i can smell and taste it and its sooooo freaking good.:D i really have to restrain myself so that i wouldnt lick it down from my lips... ewwwww >.< xd
 So anyways, it's really creamy-choux like! :))

Wearing them on my lips, and cheeks:
up: Raspberry

left side: wearing the orange one
right side: wearing the red one
Sorry for the stupid faces of meeeee, and that i couldnt get the colors right no matter where i took the pictures.. :(

You can mix the 2 colors together, then you'll get a really cute and summer-like orangie-pinkish-redish color! I really like that one... :))) so go and try it^^

-cute packaging
-generous amount of product
-multiple uses
-stays on  for long time
-creamy and tasty and smells awesome

-not "summer-friendly"

(it melts because of the summer heat we have here in my country. it's maximum 33° celcius degrees i know there are hotter countries but it just simply melts the product. when it's colder, it gets back to its original texture though, but it still concerns me a bit..:"D )

Overall: I really love these products, when they came out i immediately knew i wanted them and it was worth buying them so i definitely recommend them.:) i especially love these 2 colours but the others must be very nice too ^^

that's it for the review, stay tuned for more lovelies, and sorry this happens to be quite long for a review <3

[ and i'm planning to do a wedding makeup tutorial because soon i'm going to attend one and i have some ideas, let me know if you'd like to see it. :) but either way, i will do a tutorial because im just an obsessed shopaholic girl who loves doing all these things hahahahaa:"D  but seriously i would gladly hear if anyone wants to see any kind of tutorial or review or anything, really.:) ]