cosmetic.jolse summer haul! sooo happy :3

Hey lovelies ^^

Today i'm going to write about my recent haul with cosmetic.jolse :)

I placed an order on the
 30th July
 they sent the package on the
 1st August(my birthday!)
and it arrived on
12th August.

As always, it took only 10+ days, and this time, since i ordered 5 things for like $50 i got a toooooon of gifts and samples. I was extremely happy with their generosity, it definitely moved me.

 So first, here are the things i ordered: 
(you can click on the names to find them on jolse)
-Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24 hr Auto Eyebrow Pencil in #3 light brown
-Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in #4 Sweet poison

-Missha M perfect cover BB cream in #21 Light beige
-TONYMOLY Luminous Live Aura CC Cream (review *here* )
As you know i already had them, but i love them and repurchased them, since they were on sale, and i got a discount as well, so yeah, it turned out right! :)

-Wonder Pore Freshner 500ml REFILL (as i've been having the full size for a couple YEARS, i am running out of it now)
currently sold out..

And here are all the samples and gifts i got with the purchase:
-a cute hair gum with a bow <3 i just LOOOVE IT. seriously i wanted to order one like this from ebay for a loong time, but i never brought myself to do it. when i saw it, i almost cried of happiness *_* xd (so obsessed with cuteness)
-body scrub gloves. honestly, i've never heard of anything like this before, totally new to me, so i can't wait to try it ! :D i recently read about scrubs polluting the enviroment on sample hime's blog *here* and yeah, i think it's a pretty good alternative for body scrubbing, provided it actually works ;) but if you're more interested, please read Sample Hime's post, it's really useful. :)
-cute socks! there's a bear on it, which is soooo much like my taste. i love bears.:D was happy to recieve such cuteness <3
-blotting paper. obviously cute packaging :D

-3 Etude House masks. omg! can you believe it? 3 of them.:D never got this many.:D 1 green tea type and 2 pomegranate types. can't wait to try them  :D

-a whole set of BB creams from Etude House. 1 Cotton Fit, 1 Perfect Fit, 1 Blooming Fit. all in #21 light beige <3 (thank god! all the BB cream samples i got before were in #23 natural beige, and they were all too dark to me. :( )
-Nymph Aura Volumer sample in #4 Luminous Nymph Aur. great! i have a full size of #3 transparent, and i love it, now i can try another one! ^^
-collagen moistfull cream from Etude, well i have a bunch of it, it seems Etude House gives them away intensely :D

-TONYMOLY whitening capsule essence
-TONYMOLY AC control acne foam cleanser
-TONYMOLY Nutra-energy foam cleanser with Argan Oil

-Lioele dollish Veil vita BB cream in #1 gorgeous purple (actually read the hangul! so proud)
-and a nose strip from LUKE or something. never heard of this brand.:D strips are always good though <3 :3

Okay, so this is it for today, i have so many products to review now, gonna work hard, even though summer is almost over. I had a part time job(summer job), and had a lot of fun with my friends all summer long.. And guess what! I got accepted to university. I have really hard years ahead of me. wish me good luck :3

I'll be back with the Rosy Tint review in a couple of days. (although i know it's quite old, and there are more than enough review of them, but i just fell in love with it, so i have to share my thoughts with you guys too :) )
Until then, byebye <3



  1. Awesome haul!! :)
    I always love buying korean makeup from Jolse because they give so many samples!! The Bath glove sounds interesting, I've never seen or heard of it before but thanks for sharing~



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