Monday, April 21, 2014

Apologies and the future! wait for it

Hey guys, it's been hell of a long time since i've been here.... firstly, i'd like to apologise for it, but as i've always mentioned, im a seinor in high school, and the school leaving exams are coming REAL soon now, therefore  before i took them, i thought i'd write something.
Writing exams are from may 5-8, and oral exams are in june. For that time,  due to the exams, i don't think i'll be able to do this blogging thing. it's extremely sad for me since i have so many reviews and fashion posts on my mind! :c but once i'm done with the exams, i swear i'll be back! I must, because i just looooove blogging. :D
For this reason, i hope that until then, you can keep on waiting and you won't unfollow... and feel free new readers to follow, if you like my existing posts. Additionally, if you'd like to follow my daily activities, you can add me or follow me on my social media sites, like:

*Instagram (where i always try to post a lot of pictures)
*Snapchat: oleta_n  (you can add me and talk to me, i've taken a huge like in snapchat nowadays :D)
*Kakaotalk : OletaN
*We Heart It

So, until june, byebye <3 i'll be back my lovely readers. :')

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