Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A quick nail art tutorial - bows and beads!

Hey lovelies :) Im in the middle of learning for an important exam, but i just felt like i have to post something so as i promised, here comes a nail art tutorial! :)
This is what it looks like, please  read further if you wanna see how it was made :3

BUT before we begin;
DISCLAIMER: i did NOT come up with these ideas all of them are inspired by nail art, manicure pictures i just happen to have a collection of a bunch of manicure pictures and during christmas this was the manicure i put together, so please dont write anything like you stole it from blablahblah and stuff like that. :D

 and the stepst:

1.Thumb nail - snowflakes

2.pinkie and index finger - a triangle

3.Bow middle finger
 a tip: do the thin black line quickly, the quicker you do it, the better it will look. you wont smudge it, it will look a fine line. :)

4. beads on the ring finger
essence pearl nails in pink :)

Okay, so i hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, its very easy and classy, but girly too :3
if you click *here* you can see the finished manicure  on my instagram! :) (well basically its up there in the begining of the enty but well yeah,  feel free to like it and or follow me on instagram! :) i follow back :) )
i have some interesting posts coming up, so... till next time! <3
(hint: january favorites and a big haul, a video, liptint reviews and so oooon :3 )