Last post of the year - Verite UV Multi Cushion review

So hey guys, i was soooooooo smart as to delete this post last time im so angry right now but im gonna write it over again. i feel like swearing as much as the gods would just send me lightnings to kill me but im trying to keep calm. :3 -------------
So i havent written anything for a long time, im really sorry for that but i didnt have any time to do it school got all my time... but here i am back with a fu*ing review i accidentally deleted how smart i am how....whatever i've calmed down sorry. :D

what's a cushion foundation?
it's a type of foundation that comes in a case. inside it you can find a soaking sponge filled with the foundation and an air puff that gets the product on it. it's supposed to get aaaaaall the product on it and then putting it on your face entirely, it supposingly has a cooling effect and so on. so basicallly you press the air puff on the sponge and the product gets on it. that's a cushion foundation.:)

how i got my hands on the stuff, and my honest experiences with cushion types of foundations:
front, back, and how i got it out of the case. :)

I won this product on a giveaway which Liah Yoo hosted on youtube. The giveaway's plot was to tell her whether we had tried cushions before or not, and if we had, what's our experiences, or if we hadnt, then why would we want to try it? So i was really eager to try it, but i didnt get so fond of the product later on. it must work really great for a lot of people, but there are some products about which you say "Hm, good, but not for me". i feel the same about it. It''s a really amazing product, but not for me. As for my skin typye, it's actually like the worst product ever. Because it doesnt melt onto my skin, just covers the surface, my pores (which are not so huge, but visible)tend to get clogged, and because my skin couldnt breathe, i got pimples along with the blackheads. So i'm definitely not gonna buy a cushion foundation ever. But as i said, it's just for me, maybe this product would work for you, so let's see some positive thoughts on it : the review itself.


The packaging is classy and elegant. it's a real attraction, i love these classy looks right after the cute packagings. it's a kind of golden color, it has a mirror in it, so you dont have to take another cosmetic mirror along. it's very easy to carry around, you just pop it in you bag and there's a mirror and a foundation if your makeup needs a touch up.
the consistency is more liquidy than i'd expected. i got no2 which is natural beige, definitely not my color since i'm as pale as snow, but i still gave it a try to see what it's like on my skin. So it gives a really dewy and moisturized finish as well as high coverage! it's also very buildable, so you can put on one layer of it and it covers your blemishes and flaws, but you can always apply a second layer of it and get a perfect complection. so if you're looking for a foundation that gives you a healthy looking, glowing skin as well as coverage, it's for you! As for the lasting power, i think it should last the entire day although it would grease up easily if you have oily skin since it's a product rich in moisture.

Also the product came with a refill. so basically you get 50g of product devided into 2x25g. you can get the 'refill"something out of the product very easily.
The scent of the foundation is very healthy. it's like some kind of herbs mixed with exotic flowers or i dont know. :D but really good, makes you feel like you're putting on some natural ingreedents that would turn your skin into a statue of perfection. hahahah
as you see it's safely secured, it's really hygenic
The box it's in is a bronze/gold colored box, very shiny and now it rests on one of my shelves decorating it  with a classic vibe. (didnt take a picture of that)Just couldnt get myself throw it out, not like i've thrown any boxes of makeup products ever. i have a whole shelf of boxes of korean products. i'm a hoarder i guess. :3  tell me if you'd like to see what boxes i have on that shelf. :P

so that's it for this post. Hope you all had a very merry christmas, and you're about to have a wonderful new year! :) i'll be coming back in 2014 with a lot of new tutiorials, reviews, and maybe even videos (as soon as i find a good video maker) ! :)
So dont let my negative experience to influence you're contemplating whether to buy or not a cushion foundation, and dont think that i'm such an ungrateful bastard, im really thankful to Liah for sending me this product and giving me the opportunity to try it. :)  *Here*'s her youtube channel, check her out because she has really interesting videos from tutorials and reviews to tours in Korea and stuff like that. :)
byebye <3



  1. It looks nice, I have wanted to try one of these cushion foundations <3

    1. it is indeed nice! :) hope my negative experiences didnt scare you away from trying it :) thank you for reading! <3 :)


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