Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September favorites, events and KAKAOTALK

Hey lovelies! <3 :) i know september hasnt ended yet, but there are just quite some things i'd want to share with you all, so i thought i would do this post already! :))

it's my first time doing a "favorites" post, and i have to tell you this is really exciting! haha :DD

so after a long break, im back and gonna post a looooot ^^

lets get started. ^^

1.My favorite beauty product of this month has to be my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (in RD301 Cherry Red) :D it's been like a month or so that i've started using it, and it's became my favorite tint ever.:D i use it every day as a faint color on my cheeks. it gives me cute pinkish -rosy colored cheeks, totally dolly like. :DD
review coming! ^^
2. ASTOR fasihon studio nail polishes! i bought a pastel yellow and a pastel purple one. they look really pretty together. :)

3.With a haul i've had before i started blogging, i've recieved a Missha Choboyang BB cream sample and i tried it recently. it's a really really nice BB cream. Creamy, light, and it gives a slight dewy finish, and covers blemishes very well ! :D

4.Favorite skincare product must be my Nivea Aqua Effect Night Cream (for sensitive/dry skin i dont remember for sure.xd ). it's the only moisturizer cream that has never broken me out. Ever since i'm using it my skin's condition has improved soooo much. it's healtier, glowier, and i just know that my skin likes it! :D

5.Favorite movie/book of the month is got to be The Mortal Instruments series. :D i've watched the first movie (City of Bones) in the cinema in the begining of this month, and i totally loved it.:D the storyline is just soo catchy! :D and there are twists and ahw just awesome! :D i started reading the book too, and it's a little bit different, but yeah if you're like me, who reads a lot of books, you know most of the movies are different from the book that they are based on. :(

6.Favorite songs time! :D i've discovered so many awesome songs nowadays, gonna list them up here, i've got nothing to say about them, just listen to them! <3 (you click on them and watch them on youtube)


and here are some hits back from summer:
(the last 2 are from the series Gu Family Book <3 )

Events nowadays:
-Sooo the thing i was most excited about is that i entered Liah Yoo's cushion foundation giveaway, and won on it :) i recieved the Verite UV Multi Cushion yesterday, and it's sooo awesome :) gonna write about it in a single post. :)  --> *REVIEW HERE*

-Another thing i am excited about is that i fell in love with a phone: LG Optimus L7 II (P710).maybe i can get it in October. :)

-Yet another thing in October is that the movie 'About Time' is gonna come out.  *trailer here*

-NOMEBER 22! it's the premier of The Hunger Games - Catching fire! As you all know im the world's BIGGEST hunger games fan (haha probably not ture, but cmon i loooove it man.:D). i've read the book(s) so many times and i can't wait for the second movie to come out. just pure awesomeness.:D trailer heeereeee

-in December, my school's gonna have the seniors' prom. :) the seniors are gonna have an opening dance which is gonna be (as for my group- there are 3) english waltz  ! :D it's reaaally exciting!

and then my life is gonna be a nightmare cause im gonna have to take the school leaving exams and blah blah blah deciding about my future. sooo bad. 
okay so i hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you'd like to see more Favorites / Hits and misses / getting to know me more.. realted posts! :DD

as a finishing suprise (to make up for the fact that i still havent found a good video editor to post the suprise video with Kimiko chan..xd) im gonna tell you guys my Kakaotalk ID! (if you know know what kakaotalk is, it's a korean - but the language is english dont worry - android app in which you can send messages for free. you can talk to your friends whose number you have in your phone, and you can search IDs which means that you can talk to people whose number you dont have ! ^^
so my ID is: OletaN
feel free to add me if you'd like to get to know me. i'd like to be friends with my readers and blogger friends and i think Katalk is a really nice way to keep in touch! :D
sorry for the long post, see you later!
 byebye  <3

-Oleta (maybe i should make a nice watermark-signature-thingy haha ) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Liebster Blog Award :)

Hello lovelies <3  !
first of all, i'd like to apologise for not writing anything for like a month or so, but school has started and since its my last year i've got plenty of things to do, so later on im gonna have a post of what's happened for this month cause there are a looooot to talk about, i guess ^^
But today's post is about the Liebster Blog Award! :) i'm sooo thankful to Majorie Zoleta from Lace and Leather for nominating me! :)) it's my first time getting a nomination like this, and just the first kind of "connection" i have with other bloggers, so im really excited and happy! :) If you'd like to have a collaboration( inspired makeup tutorial ect.) you can feel free to tell me about it, im up for anything! ^^

So, for those of you who doesnt know what this Liebster Blog Award is, i checked on various blogs, and so the rules are basically these:

1.the nomination is the award itself
2.once you're nominated , link back to the person who nominated you
3.answer the 10 questions provided by the one who nominated you
4.nominate 10 bloggers yourself( i've read bloggers with less than 3000 followers, but other people wrote less than 200 followers, so i no longer know how it works! :D let's say bloggers who have less than 200-400followers.. :"D)
5.provide them 10 questions to answer, and go to their blog and tell them they've been nominated by you! ^^

(exclaimer: i'm sorry i didnt keep the rules!I haven't been looking around blogs so much, so there are only a few that i follow, and among them, even fewer have less than 200followers, so i nominated only 5+1(Majorie <3) bloggers! 
hope you're gonna nominate 10 bloggers, not like me. :) im sorry. :( :)  )

But here are my answers for Majorie's questions:

1.What is something that maybe not everyone knows about you?
Hmm hard question because im a type of person who opens up easily and i tell people about my things all the time... :"D i guess the thing that not everyone knows about me is actually that i'm quite sensitive. I always show on the outside how happy and cheerful i am, i joke around a lot, but there are a lot of things i get offended by and i wouldnt say i am hurt to anyone but my best friend Kimiko chan.. :)

2.What is your favorite makeup product? Why?
I'd have to say BB cream, because i can't go anywhere without having BB cream on my face.. :D haha but i wouldnt count it as my favorite, rather my most-needed makeup product.:Dbut the other makeup products i have are just the same dear to me so i guess i'd still say BB cream. :) and at the moment, it's the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB, because it's pretty light and it gives a medium to high coverage and it's just so pretty.. :DD haha :DD (but i love my dear my blooming lips talk lipsticks and cupcake all over colors and dear darling tints fresh cherry tints and blah blah blah i guess im etude house-aholic. XD)

3.What was the weirdest dream you have ever had?
hahahaha i always have weird dreams! :D but once i dreamed about something like i went to Korea and i met SNSD and some other bands like Suju or Shinee, they had a signing or something and we could take pictures with them but i didnt have a camera so i couldnt. toooooo baaaaaaad! :DD

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?
i have a lot now. :"D i might have a post of "september favorites" and mention them all in there, but as for now, i'd say it's Sunmi - 24 hours :D

5.When was the last time you cried?
i'm glad you didnt ask "and why" :). anyways, it was yesterday. :(

6.Which do you prefer; skirts, pants or shorts?
i'd say skirts, but if we consider what i wear the most, then i'd have to say pants. :DD

7.If you could be somebody else for a day, who would you like to be?
i could say a thousand celebrities i would want to be, but i don't want to be anyone else. :D rather than a specific person, i guess i'd might like to know what it feels like to be a boy :D haha or a korean ulzzang model :D like Park Sora or Song Ah Ri :D but it's nothing major, i'd still want to stay myself :)

8.What do you usually order from Starbucks?
If only i could ! :D haha there arent any Starbucks in my city, nor in my neighborhood. the closest Starbucks is in the capital  (3 hours from my city) and i've been there only once. i dunno what i ordered, it was a hot chocolate i know but not sure what kind. :D

9.If you could watch only one TV show for the rest of your life, what TV show would you choose?
i guess it must be my all-time-favorite-already-seen-like-thousand-times series called Playful Kiss.:D okay it's kinda getting boring now, but i'd still choose it. :D

10.You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
Seoul! <3 definitely Seoul.:D i wouldnt miss this chance :)


So thank you again for nominating me, and here are my nominees ^^ :
 1.Majorie Zoleta from Lace and Leather (haha if i can nominate the person who nominated me :3 )
 2.Liah Yoo 
 3.Sample Hime
 6.Devi Apriani

and here are myquestions:

1.What inspired you to start your blog/site?
2.What's your all time favorite beauty product that you would repurchase for the rest of your life?
3.How would you describe your style?
4.Do you have a secret obsession ? :PP
5.What's the event in your life (so far) that you will never forget ?
6.What is the thing you first do in the morning ?
7.What made you smile today?
8.Do you like your name? if not, what name would you choose/just any name that you like?
9.Who would you like to be stuck on a deserted island with? And what makeup would you take?
10.Favorite quote(s) ? you can list up more than one:)

thank you for reading, get ready, a lot of posts are coming soon! :)
byebye <3