Thursday, June 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF+42- NO.21 (20 ml)

Hi Guys!^__^
I'm a new admin to join this blog, Kimiko-chaaan:) I bring you a review about Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF+42 -NO.21(20 ml). It's just 20 ml, because It's my first Missha bb cream and I was afraid that  It's a fake bb cream,because it's very very common.XDXD My bb cream is NOT FAKE!!I bought it on ebay from a very kind and dependable seller. (Ebay seller )

First of all, I would like to introduce the item's look>.<
It's a simple Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream look.xDThe line on the top is black.I asked the seller if it was original(because of the black line) And She /He said It's original and Missha  often changes their items look:)
You can read in front of the item:" Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream  oftfers a novel skincare concept with BB cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemished with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents sking aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties."

The scent texture and coverage:
I love this bb cream 's texture :) It's very creamy and silky.Its texture is a little bit thick so its hard to blend it out on your face BUT not really meaningfully.>.<

The coverage is the best *-*-*-*-* I love it..this bb cream has the most coverage bb cream*-*-*

Lasting power:
I think this bb cream is very good in it too:DD My skin is very shiny(SHINee *-*-*XD) and oily>><..But If I blend it out on my skin, my skin 'll be matter:D But It lasts just for 4-5 hours.:///

I think It' was definitely  worth it.XDXDI "ll be buy 50 ml too>><


after tooXD

- Smell

cons(-):'s perfectXD

My skin loves this bb cream...calm my skin and my acnes rarely appearXD my skin is healing ....My skin is better better and better from this bb cream:DD
rating: 5/5:DD PERFECT for me:DD

It was NOT sponsored by anyone, i bought the product on my own money, and it is my honest opinion.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Closing Ceremony makeup tutorial ^^

Hey guys, as i promised, this time i really came back with a tutorial! ^^
its a very easy tutorial with 6 really easy steps. :) i made a picture of it, and i find it really cute, hope you're gonna like it too. :)
Etude House baby choux base Mint
Etude House Sun BB cream Light Beige
Essence Eyebrow pencil Blond
Essence long lasting eyeliner Brown
Avon color style mascara
Etude House cupcake all over color RD301

So since our school's closing ceremony was held outside and the sun was shining like hell, i thought it would be best to wear a BB cream with high SPF, and Etude House Sun BB is just like that (SPF 50, PA++ ), so it was perfect ! :)
And because it was hot i put my hair in a bun and decorated it with a cute bow, as you can see  on this picture. ^^ it matched my sailor blouse. :)

When you're going out, dont forget to take a bottle of water with yourself! :)
so, that's all for today, please follow us on GFC or Bloglovin or anyhow! :))
Soon i'm gonna start review-ing quite a lot of products, stay tuned! :)

byebye <3


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Le Bunny Bleu shoes and my favorite youtube vlogger ^^

Hey guys, i'm back with a fashion post. ^^

summer is finally here, and i thought it's okay if i start posting regularly. so since its the most fresh thing for me, im gonna tell you guys about Le Bunny Bleu, a shoe shop that i've known for quite a long time now. actually i was introduced to Le Bunny Bleu from a youtube video uploaded by my favorite youtube makeup guru, Nayoung (oiseau88 ) ^^
you can check her youtube page *here* :) her videos are really amazing and useful! She had a really huge impact on me when like a year (or more) ago i found one of her videos. ever since that i've been checking her updates and stuff like that, she inspires me the most, she really is like a role model for me. :) I hope some of you reading this post will subscribe to her channel too ! :)

Le Bunny Bleu - romantic vintage flats ! They have absolutely adorable flats from fashion sneakers to ballet flats and oxfords ect. :)
they have online stores as well as shops throughout the world (New York, Korea...).
Their prices are good and they hold events and contests, they always have some kind of sales and they give you for example "$5 off" for signing up. :)
here's their US *website* , check it! They have a european website too! :)

I already own a pair of  LBB oxfords which i won on Nayoung unni's giveaway which was sponsored by (of course) Le Bunny Bleu. :)
i've posted a picture wearing them a few posts before. :)

And, on their recent Mother & Daughter photo contest, i won a $100 coupon voucher on which i bought 2 pairs of shoes. :) isnt that amazing? ^^
One of them is a pair of oxfords, and the other is a really cute pink loafer which was too small for me so i sent it back for an exchange. :) hope it arrives soon and i can show you guys! :)
so here's the picture of the oxfords. They have a bunny on top of it and they really represent the "vintage" feeling. :)

You can check it here: Gray Tap Dance with Bunny oxfords

Thats it for now, i hope you're gonna check their websites  and see their wide range of shoes! ^^ byebye <3  

- Oleta