Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Late spring haul (vol.1: cosmetics and others from cosmetic-love, ebay)

Hey lovelies! :3
i'm back for a short post again <3 since my oral examinations are going to be in june, im taking a nap from learning now. :) for this reason, i thought i would write a haul post that i've been wanting to write since like january or february!
There are some makeup and skincare products i've fallen in love with, therefore i'd like to share them with you all :) gonna make a review on each product later on, i can't wait to share my thoughts on them :3

so what i bought:
-TONYMOLY Luminous Live Aura CC Cream
-Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer
-Loreal Paris miss manga mascara
-GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water
-Phone case
-Phone stickers
-2 bow anti dust plug-ins
-dotting tools

Fiirstly, i bought this amaaaazing product from cosmetic-love. it's the TONYMOLY Luminous Live Aura CC cream. i looong wanted to try out a CC cream, and with a previous purchase i got a sample of this product. i tried it and to my surprise, it didnt break me out or anything at all so i said i will definitely buy it! I was lucky enough to get my hands on this product on SALE! originally it costs $17.45 and i got it for like $13 which is a really affordable price for it as it has become my holy grail foundation since then!
so if you're thinking about buying it, click *this link* to find it on cosmetic-love, or check it up on any other sites like ebay, or cosmetic.jolse, w2beauty ect.. :) see what site is the best for you :)

Then here's a skincare and makeup product i absolutely love as well! It is the Nymph Aura Volumer (in no.3 transparent water) :D i bought it from ebay for like $15. Due to the fact that you only need a little bit of it, i think it's quite affordable :) i tried it with my cc cream as well as with my bb cream and both works great with me! :) but more details later :3

Then here's a makeup remover i had high expectations of, and it lived up to them!
this is the GARNIER micellar cleansing water. Ever since im using foundation (believe it or not, only since 2011-2012) i've been using cleansing wipes to remove my makeup. i've had enough of them over the years and lead by curiousity, i wanted to try out something new, so when i saw the commercial of this product, i went down to my nearest drugstore and bought the LAST ONE on the shelves. it's like it was waiting for me haha :"D im extremely fond of it, i use it every day to remove my makeup and i cant tell you how satisfied i am ! review comiiing :D

Then my last makeup to share with you is the Loreal Paris mega volume miss manga mascara! :3 BEST MASCARA EVER! we had this thing called Glamour days and i could buy it with 50% off, so it was totally worth it :D i absolutely adore it!

Then i bought a few gadgets for my new phone like the transparent case and the stickers seen on the first picture. and then 2 bow plug in anti dust protectors. so cute! :3
AAAAnd dotting tools for my nails! :D
look what nail art you can make with them:

So that's it for today, sorry for the long post! :D
let me know which product you're most excited to hear about, so that i can start off with the review of that product ! :) <3

Ps.: its vol.1 because i've bought quite a lot of new clothes for summer as well, and i'd like to have  fashion posts too :)