Monday, April 15, 2013

it's been a while. :)

UPDATE: i deleted this part of the post, because i just didnt want to see it anymore. :)


So, to make this post even more interesting, i will link you guys my LookBook profile, because i've uploaded an outfit today. it's my first one and it's obviously not much of a big deal, but i really liked this combination of clothes. :)
so here's the *link* and feel free to hype it if you have a lookbook profile, or share it anywhere... :)

Okay so now i will tell you a secret. i'm planning to buy some new cosmetics that i've recently become really interested in, and i'm planning to post about them. just a sneak peak... they are Etude House Sweet Recipe products! ♥

sorry for this long and desperate entry,(UPDATE: which part i've deleted..xdxdxdxd)  but we really need your cheering to keep on posting, argh it sounds stupid. :'D whatever, the point is that we hope some people really do read our entries and they actually like them. :)

so stay tuned -as we always say - and follow us! :) ♥